Samples of Commissioned Works

If you are interested in having a special piece done, here is some basic information... All I need is a photograph (you can send it via email at or through the contact section on this site). To give you some general parameters, my formula for commissioned work is to multiply the length x width of the size piece you would like and multiply the result by 1.3 for drawings or 1.5 for paintings. Also, there is an up-charge for additional subjects which is variable and can be discussed on a individual basis. As and example; an 8x10 drawing of and single subject would be 80 inches multiplies by 1.3 for a total of $104.00 (plus shipping if applicable) . A painting of a single subject the same size would be 80 inches multiplied by 1.5 for a total of $120.00 (plus shipping if applicable). I like to break up my work time so that I can step back and reassess so I usually don’t do the piece in one sitting. I would need to know when you need it completed by so that I can schedule how to parse my time while allowing for shipping and such. I can also send pictures of my progress for approval purposes, etc. Let me know if you need more information.

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